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Learning About Climate Change in Our Schools and Communities

Climate change isn’t easy to understand or talk about with others. Yet education is key to addressing climate change. By identifying and exploring the impacts of climate change on our communities—and developing solutions and actions to help minimize those impacts—our K-12 students can add to their knowledge, gain experience in communicating and working with others, and help improve the places they call home.

This gallery features examples of powerful teaching and learning focused on climate change and its impacts on our schools and communities. Students are engaged in their learning—asking questions, gathering information, making observations, developing solutions, and then applying their learning right where they live, learn, and play. Teachers and community partners support and enrich their efforts.

As you tour the gallery, you’ll discover that there are as many paths to making the world a better place as there are people who want to make a difference. We hope you’ll be inspired.

The gallery is a dynamic space with room to grow. New “exhibits” are always welcome. To submit a strategy, action, or project that involves K-12 place-based education about climate change and its impacts, please contact Jan Sneddon (jan@greatlakesstewardship.org). Let’s make it happen!

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