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Creating Lifelong Stewards

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (GLSI) was launched in 2007 to develop knowledgeable and active stewards of the Great Lakes and their ecosystems through place-based studies and explorations in local communities. The initiative’s approach to teaching and learning results in vibrant, hands-on experiences that increase student achievement and help young Michigan residents become lifelong stewards of the environment.

The GLSI works toward its goals through six regional hubs located around Michigan, each of which is led by experienced, qualified staff. The hubs offer professional development about content and pedagogy for K–12th grade teachers and community partners, help organize and sustain school-community partnerships, and provide leadership for place-based education and environmental stewardship.

We support teachers.

Too many teachers are over-tasked, under-supported, and isolated from their peers. We offer teachers ongoing professional development that builds their skills and knowledge and connects them with other educators. Our hubs also provide material resources, funding, and community support so teachers can thrive.

We build resilient, intelligent kids.

We ignite curiosity and help kids make a difference right where they live. Our work fosters a sense of citizenship and responsibility in kids. They use what they’re learning in hands-on ways to protect and nurture the environment. In the process, they come to realize that they can make a difference.

We improve communities and the environment.

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative takes the classroom into local neighborhoods, supporting teachers and students as they solve real-world problems in their own backyards. Students connect to their own ability to make a difference.