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Help Us Make Learning Come Alive Across Michigan!

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative is all about place-based education and community connections.  We expand the four walls of traditional K­–12 classrooms to include real-world investigations. With our help, students work with their teachers and local partners on projects that improve the local community and the environment. Through these projects, students apply what they have learned about science, social studies, language, and math.  They solve real problems, and improve their communities and the environment.  They feel a sense of purpose, learn more deeply, and grow as thinkers and collaborators.

Each year, this kind of learning happens across Michigan because of the leadership and support of the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. Our regional hubs boast a second-to-none professional staff.  Our small central staff is highly qualified and respected.

In just 10 years, we have become the most accomplished, comprehensive, and promising network for place-based education in the world.  We have been identified as a model program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  We are one of only a few Michigan-based organizations to be designated as a provider of exemplary STEM programming by STEMworks, a national accreditation agency.  We are featured presenters in the Michigan Department of Education’s annual “Innovation Roadshows.”  Our work is referenced in scholarly articles.  By sharing our model, strategies, and experience, we have helped practitioners and funders learn more about K–12 education, environmental stewardship, civic engagement, and youth/community development.

To continue our important work, we need your help.  Your tax-deductible gift will support the growth and development of the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.  Every donation is important because it moves us one step closer to realizing our vision of powerful, place-based teaching and learning in K–12 schools and communities across Michigan and beyond.  You can help us right now by giving as generously as you can.


Make checks payable to Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative, and mail to
8325 Troup Road, Harbor Springs, MI 49740