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Our Publications

The Benefits of Place-Based Stewardship Education (PDF)

Implementing Place-Based Stewardship Education Across the Landscape (PDF)

Great Lakes Fact Sheet (PDF)

Some Thoughts on the Next Generation of Stewards (PDF)

An Essay by Jerry Dennis


Additional Resources

Creating Stewards of the Great Lakes

This report reviews the literature about place-based education and explains the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative’s integrated model, which incorporates place-based education, sustained professional development for teachers, and school-community partnerships.

Going Local and Place-based Education: Learning to Be Where We Are (LINK TO COME)

Dr. Greg Smith (Lewis & Clark College), a leader in place-based education, wrote these papers. They include an overview and vibrant examples of the fundamentals and outcomes of place-based education.

Promise of Place

This website has a comprehensive list of resources related to place-based education, including scholarly publications, curriculum documents, results of evaluations, links to organizations, FAQs, and a very useful section called “Obstacles/Solutions.”

Rural School and Community Trust

The trust focuses on partnerships among schools and communities, and supports place-based education as an effective strategy for accomplishing its mission. The trust provides numerous online tools, ranging from portfolios resulting from place-based education projects to rubrics that help people assess their progress. Doris Terry Williams, who works at the trust, serves as a national advisor to the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.

Center for Place-based Education, Antioch New England Institute

This site describes the center’s programs and provides links to general information about place-based education and service learning. David Sobel, who works at the center, serves as a national advisor to the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.

Place-based Education Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC) 

PEEC focuses on the evaluation of place-based education. The site has general information about evaluation and provides links to place-based education resources and organizations.

Student Gains from Place-based Education
University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center (PDF)