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Nurturing Place-Based Learning Across Michigan

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative works through a network of seven regional hubs, each of which is led by experienced, qualified staff. Each hub is a vital resource for local schools and teachers—providing leadership and resources for effective place-based teaching and learning, offering small grants for students’ place-based education projects, and connecting teachers with partners in the community who can help support this important work.

1. Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition
Eastern Michigan University
Ethan Lowenstein, Director

2. Discovering PLACE
Leyla Sanker, Director

3. Groundswell
Grand Valley State University
Clayton Pelon, Director

4. West Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative
Muskegon Area Intermediate School District
Erica Johnson, Director

5. Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative
Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan
Meag Schwartz, Network Coordinator

6. Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative
Copper Country Intermediate School District
Carla Strome, Director