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Nurturing Place-Based Learning throughout Michigan and Beyond

GLSI works toward its goals through six regional hubs located throughout Michigan and a central leadership team. This team provides support and guidance to hubs, organizes the National Place-Based Education Conference, and delivers training, resources, and network development for educators, school districts, community partners, and organizations throughout the Great Lakes region (and beyond). GLSI also hosts The Place Space, a national program delivery platform and networking hub for anyone connected to place-based education, and coordinates the Michigan Children & Nature Coalition

GLSI Hubs transform the educational experiences available to teachers, students, and community partners in their region by offering sustained educator professional development, coaching, and program support in PBSE for K–16 teachers and community partners. Hubs also create and sustain regional ecosystems of school-community partnerships, generate funding opportunities, and support PBSE projects with teachers and students.

1. Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition
Eastern Michigan University
Ethan Lowenstein, Director

2. Discovering PLACE
Leyla Sanker, Director

3. Groundswell
Grand Valley State University
Clayton Pelon, Director

4. West Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative
Muskegon Area Intermediate School District
Erica Johnson, Director

5. Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative
Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan
Meag Schwartz, Network Coordinator

6. Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative
Copper Country Intermediate School District
Carla Strome, Director