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See Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative Projects in Action

In 2012, filmmaker Bob Gliner spent time with our students and teachers in rural, suburban, and urban schools across Michigan as they connected to their communities and improved the environment through place-based education projects.

Praise for Growing Up Green

“Recommended. This upbeat program is sure to spur others to move out of the classroom and into the community. Involved teachers and students speak enthusiastically about the projects and tell how they relied on math and science concepts when testing rivers, counting zebra mussels, and reclaiming abandoned urban areas.”
– Booklist Online

“Editors Choice. Highly Recommended. Inspirational…a joy to watch! This engaging and powerful film has a place in all public schools, public libraries and university libraries.”
– Science Books and Film

“Growing Up Green should be required viewing by every educator in the country. Worldwide, people and communities are facing a variety of interconnected ecological and social challenges. Too often, standardized school curriculum remains unresponsive to these challenges, and this lack of responsiveness is one reason for a pandemic of student disengagement. Growing Up Green profiles committed educators, students, and community members who have learned how to embrace these real world needs as curriculum, curriculum that is also designed to promote multiple content area literacies.”
—David A. Greenwood, Director, Centre for Place and Sustainability Studies, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University, Canada

Running Time: 27 minutes
Grades 10 – Adult
Scene Selection
Closed Captioned
A Film by Bob Gliner