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Ypsilanti Community High School (YCHS) Data Art Project

High School | 2 comments

Submitted by Laura Florence, Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS)

High school students at Ypsilanti Community High School merged art, science, and math in a project inspired by the work of climate change artist and science communicator, Jill Pelto. YCHS Algebra 2 classes observed Jill Pelto’s climate change artwork, engaged in visual thinking activities (what do you notice? what is this image trying to convey?), analyzed graphs, researched climate topics, and created their own data illustrations. They hosted a gallery of their artwork for YCHS students, teachers, and staff and created a website to share their illustrations.


  1. Meag Schwartz

    Wow! The artwork is so diverse in its interpretations. I really love this concept and think it could work well for middle/high school students in our region! I’d love to learn more about the prompting questions/conversations that spurred these results. Where did students draw their data from to synthesize into their work?

  2. Amy Clarice

    I appreciate the way that each student was able to pick a topic that resonated most with them. The freedom of expression really comes through in these pieces. As a kinesthetic learner myself, I can see this being an effective way to learn how to read and interpret data, as well as practice creativity. I am impressed with these young data analysts!


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