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Climate Change Community Connections

Middle School | 5 comments

As part of a GLSI/Mi-STAR pilot project, students from Diana Bowman and Adrienne Temple’s 8th grade science classes at Armstrong Middle School in the Kearsley School District worked with Genesee County Park’s ForMar Nature Preserve & Arboretum to educate their local community on the impacts of climate change. As part of their Mi-STAR science curriculum unit, students explored global climate change data paired with local data on how climate change is impacting birds, butterflies, amphibians, and maple trees in their parks. Students then created educational materials in the form of informational posters, books, brochures, artwork, and games that were featured as part of Community ForMar’s Stewardship Day and participated in a service project at the nature preserve. Some of the student’s work was entered into the permanent displays and games used by ForMar to help advance their mission of educating the public on environmental issues.

Two students holding project


  1. Tom Collins

    I love that students are empowered to create their own education and outreach materials, which are displayed to community members. This highlights their perspectives well and shows the uniqueness of each individual!

  2. Susan Tate

    I love how the participating teachers leveraged the expertise of their community partners at For-Mar. By having the partner introduce the unit challenge, it increased student engagement. Showcasing the student work at For-Mar (especially the permanent additions like the monarch book and bird game), will make a lasting impression on these students.

  3. Jacinda Bowman

    This was a cool project to get to see from its conception to the final presentation by the students. Even though the initial challenge was created to “feel” authentic for kids, it’s clear that an authentic and mutual partnership was fostered! ForMar and the students benefited from the project! This is such a great use of a community partner. Do you think the relationship will continue or you’ll collaborate in the future?

    • Leyla

      Yes! The 8th graders at Armstrong Middle School are continuing their partnership with ForMar Nature Preserve again this year. They will be presenting their climate change communication projects at ForMar in June. I hope to see the outcome of that collaboration this year submitted to this gallery too.

  4. Tracy D'Augustino

    What a great way of connecting global issues with local relevance. Also excited to see PBSE as part of a Mi-STAR unit.


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