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Submitted by Stephanie Kozak, Huron-Clinton Metroparks

The goal of the Huron Mills Water Grant is for second grade students to understand the Huron River Watershed and the importance of spreading awareness about stormwater runoff. Students will gather ambient air and water temperatures along with limited water quality parameters (dissolved oxygen, phosphates, and nitrates) in one urban location and one rural location along the Huron River.  During these data collection visits, students will learn about Michigan waterways, their local Huron River Watershed, water quality, and stormwater runoff.  They will also make observations about plants and animals.  Students will use these observations to better understand the human impact on stormwater runoff and climate change and to participate in a call-to-action competition where they will design stormwater stencils. The winning stormwater stencil will be printed for distribution and placed by students on storm drains around the school area and the City of Ypsilanti to help spread stormwater runoff awareness.

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  1. Amy Clarice

    This is incredible. Looking forward to following this call-to-action stencil challenge in Ypsilanti! The civic collaboration component is inspiring.


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