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Ellen Brody
NOAA Great Lakes B-WET Program (independent director)

Erica Johnson, Treasurer
Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (representing West Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative)

Dr. Suzanne Knight
University of Michigan–Flint (representing Discovering PLACE)

Dr. Ethan Lowenstein, President
Eastern Michigan University (representing Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition)

Lloyd Wescoat
Michigan Technological University (representing Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative)

Clayton Pelon
Grand Valley State University (representing Groundswell)

Julia Putnam
James and Grace Lee Boggs School (independent director)

Brandon Schroeder, Secretary
Michigan State University Extension/Michigan Sea Grant (representing Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative)

Dr. Gregory Smith, Vice President
Lewis and Clark College, retired (independent director)